Here is a list of things to consider when booking a container transport job.


The earlier we have your booking the easier it is for us to manage it efficiently and without problem.


Delivery details should include

  • address

  • delivery time and date

  • method of transport

  • door direction

  • opening times and contact person


Your timeslot is the time we are allowed to pick up the container from the wharf. From there we need to get out of the wharf and get the container to you (which may be routed through our depot).


If we do not know about it, we cannot manage it which causes delays in the process and ultimately affects our customers.


Here is a list of frequently asked question to assist you with your booking.


Look out your window,

E-Mails are generated at the time of Booking, Time slotting and in Transit for delivery confirmation.


We will let you know and co-ordinate a new timeslot and delivery date.


On receipt of your confirmation your container will be collected within a 48 hour period but normally next day.


Generally 7-10 days from availability or docking depending on the shipping line used. Very important to check with your Freight Forwarder or shipping line.