What you need to know.

To ensure efficient service, please consider the following when booking your Container transport job:

  • Book as early as possible, at least 4 days in advance.

  • Please provide detailed delivery instructions.

  • Keep in mind your time slot is not indicative of delivery time.

  • Advise of any potential holds, when booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know when my container has arrived?

  • Look out your window.
  • E-Mails are generated at the time of booking, with all relevant information and delivery confirmation included.

What happens if my Vessel date changes?

Our staff will let you know and will co-ordinate a new timeslot and delivery date.

When will my empty container be collected?

On receipt of your confirmation, we’ll collect your container within 48-hours but normally the next day.

How long will I have to unpack the container?

Generally, it’s between 7-10 days from availability or docking, depending on the shipping line used. It’s very important to check with your Freight Forwarder or shipping line.

Is my container insured?

Yes, it’s covered under our Booking Agreement.